You probably will never meet a group that has hands-on operational experience across all aspects of the food service business as ours. Our team has run everything from airport restaurants and bars, convention centers, festivals, retail stores, and catering. We fully understand people’s needs and will work with you to feel comfortable and welcomed. We’re good people to do business with. We develop long term relationships with both short and long term customers. Many of our customers are looking to start or grow their business; we will do all we can to be helpful and considerate of your needs.

We encourage you to visit us early in your business plans because we would like to help you grow

We Have:

  • 2,500 sq ft of kitchen space
  • 5,500 sq ft of refrigerated and frozen storage
  • 4000 sq ft of dry storage/ office space
  • Flexible selection of equipment and supplies
  • Convenient location, approximately 20 minutes from downtown
  • Use your cooks or ours!
  • Short and  long term programs available
  • Great base for food trucks

We have the ability to add and substitute equipment. Our kitchen is air-conditioned and we have a dock.

How do you get the ball rolling and see if there’s a fit? 
The first step is call or email us and  tell us your needs.

Among the things you need to think about are:

  1. Square footage you need of kitchen space
  2. Square footage you need of dry space
  3. Square footage freezer space
  4. Square footage refrigerated space
  5. Your hours of operation
  6. Total time you need kitchen space on a daily or weekly basis


  1. You must have a valid City of Chicago Food Service Sanitation Certificate
  2. A valid shared kitchen user license for your business from the city of Chicago

Proof of current liability insurance with a minimum of $1,000.000 (1 million dollars) with Premier Restaurant Group listed as an additional insured. (Speak to your carrier and they will help you with this).

You are 100 % responsible for you and your staff’s safety while working in the shared kitchen

You must have a valid signed agreement with the Premier Restaurant Group in order to do business at our premises

Your obligations

  • To work respectfully with other groups who are using the kitchen at the same time as you
  • To ensure no equipment, supplies, ingredients are removed from the premises at any time.

Food truck
We welcome food truck vendors to use us for their shared kitchen food truck needs. At this point in time, we are not set up for the daily parking, cleaning of your food truck

Kitchen rules

  • We ask you report any equipment that is not working immediately
  • Your staff must be respectful of all kitchen equipment
  • All staff must abide by state and city rules and guidelines for Chicago foodservice food handling and sanitation
  • Staff must be appropriately dressed and use disposable gloves when required; hair must be covered at all times

Cleaning supplies
We provide all cleaning supplies. We ask that you use our cleaning systems and that you do not free pour or tamper with our chemicals or the chemical systems.

Your supplies, small wares and equipment
You are responsible to bring in your own specialty equipment; you are responsible for its security. Please bring in your own sheet pan liners, saran wrap, parchment paper, baking cups, waxed paper, kitchen towels, oven gloves, disposable gloves, packaging, utensils and small wares for your off-site use

Our premises is monitored 24 hours a day for safety and security reasons

Each customer is handed a clean kitchen area. At the end of your production, you are expected to leave the space in the same condition it was handed to you. This includes floors and utensils.

We carry out all maintenance of our equipment and when necessary deep clean the locations.

Reserving kitchen time
We will coordinate times that suit your operational needs. Priority will be given to repeat customers and those who have standing reservations; this allows our clientele to establish regular work schedules. New business is handled on a first-come first-served basis.

We have the following kitchen equipment:

  • Two double convection ovens
  • Rollin convection oven
  • Gas range with two ovens and 10 burners
  • Deep fat fryers
  • Griddle
  • Ice maker
  • Rollin racks
  • Walk in freezers
  • Walk in coolers
  • Small steam kettle
  • Large tilt skillet/ kettle
  • 3 compartment meat preparation sink
  • 3 compartment vegetable preparation sink
  • 15 large stainless steel tables
  • Dedicated hand wash sinks
  • Automatic pot pan washer
  • 3 compartment dish wash sink
  • Cart wash area
  • 5 qt mixer
  • 30 qt mixer
  • 80 qt mixer
  • Maple table
  • Scales
  • Microwave oven
  • Meat slicers
  • Reach in coolers

Additional information:
We have the ability to add and substitute equipment. Our kitchen is air-conditioned. We have a dock.

Monthly Hourly Rental rates for each person

Hourly kitchen rate 3pm to 5pm
1 to 10 hours 22
11 to 21 hours 21
21 to 41 hours 20
42 to 62 hours 18
63 to 82 hours 16

Monthly Storage

Description Rate
Storage Locker 60
Dry storage space 4 square ft (1 pallet 42" x 28") 10
Cooler shelf 5 foot long 50
Cooler shelf 6 foot long 60
Cooler cart 75
Freezer shelf 5 foot long 60
Freezer shelf 6 foot long 70
Freezer cart 80